5 Wardrobe Essentials for a Well-Dressed Child

5 Wardrobe Essentials for a Well-Dressed Child

Whether you are shopping for a little boy or a little girl, it is important to have a few classics stocked in the cupboard for any occasion, whether it is a barbecue or a special day out.

At Love Henry, we believe in quality over quantity, and recognise that if you purchase the essential pieces for kids made from excellent, natural fibres, they can be utilised again for younger siblings down the line.

Here are our essential items for any well-dressed child.

Dress Shorts (Boy)

Dress shorts are a crisp, clean look on a young man, and can be paired with a plain tee for a dressed down look or a buttoned-up, long-sleeved shirt for a more formal function. This quality look is functional, tidy and classy, and worth an investment in good quality fabric.

Plain Tee (Boy)

You can never go wrong with a plain tee for a boy! Essential, plain cotton tees are breathable, durable and versatile, pairing with both dress shorts as well as more dressed down looks for weekends.

Pinafore Dress (Girl)

A summer favourite, this classic style is sweet, functional and timeless. The relaxed style of dress is comfortable for children, allowing them to play without being restricted. This is an investment piece that won’t go out of style.

Patterned or Frill Sleeve Top (Girl)

Adding a patterned or frill sleeve is a stylish twist on an otherwise simple top. A fun frill adds an extra flare to this staple top, which can be paired with denim for a more casual look. When made from natural fibres such as cotton, this is a durable, functional piece that is sure to last a long time for your little one.

Knitted Cardigan and/or Sweater (Unisex)

This classic style is a timeless look and is an essential for your little love. Knitted in a high-quality wool, it is perfect for keeping your child very warm and will be able to be passed down through the family if well cared for. A classy cardigan or sweater can be well paired with pants, dresses, shorts, dungarees, or similar.

The Classic Dungaree (Boy)

This comfy and easy to wear style is practical and functional for kids. Layered underneath, it can be paired with a chunky knit or a plain tee for the warmer months. Offering easy changing options with snap closure and plenty of pockets, dungarees are indeed the delight of children’s clothing.


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