5 Tips for Styling Your Child

5 Tips for Styling Your Child


Shop for neutrals

Neutral, earthy and monochrome colours mix well with everything and can be used as essentials for all seasons. Made from high quality fabrics, they will last for a long time and be gentle on your kids’ skin. Alongside this, neutral tones can be passed between kids as unisex items for years to come.


Choose fabrics that will hold up for years

High-quality fibres are a no-brainer for kidswear. Buying synthetic-free, natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk are breathable materials for your children and last longer, making them durable and practical. Cotton is also hypoallergenic, which is soothing on young, sensitive skin. Quality fabrics are long-lasting and can be passed down to younger siblings.


Choose comfort, always

Kids are busy bees! That needs to be accounted for in what they wear. Choose practical, functional clothes that they can move around in and still feel comfortable. Alongside this, choose clothes that are easy for them to change in and out of themselves, because they will need to learn to do this.



Find staple pieces that are able to be worn all year around courtesy of some subtle layering. For example, you can’t go past the timeless pinafore dress for summer, which can be converted to a winter staple with tights and a cardigan. Similarly, dungarees are a lived-in piece for boys all summer, but can be taken to the cooler months with a long sleeved shirt, sweater or cardigan. Layering is both a money saver and a fashion staple!


Every child is different

Never forget that your child has their own little personality, and this will be reflected in the way they dress, whether it is the colours they like or the way they style their fashions. Leave a little space for them to be creative and see what comes to light!


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